I am Sarah – a web designer, online marketing expert, writer and self-care queen.

I make killer websites for entrepreneurs, freelancers, yoga teachers, coaches and artist and help them to find their audience online, get clear about their visions and goals and take inspired action to build their businesses. For those wanting to do it themselves I have created the online awesomeness school – a place to learn all you need to know about web design and branding on a budget. I really believe that a great website can change your life, but it doesn`t have to cost a fortune. 

My blog is all about WordPress geekiness, creative business ideas and digital strategy advice, but sometimes I also blog about other things I care about – wellness, self care, travel and the good life.

Take a look around and get in touch if you have any wishes!

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How small service based businesses can get started with social media

Small, service based businesses are my jam – I love how radically they can change the ways in which we do business and how they enable their owners to create a location independent, beautiful and flexible lifestyle. Starting out is hard when you are trying to establish yourself as an expert in your field, to reach a new audience and to sign up the first few clients. I have grown my combined social media following to about 12k since starting out last year – so I wanted to share what has worked and what was “a challenge”.  read more…

How to make a (fresh) start with branding

Hey sweethearts,

many people ask me how to best get started with branding and I know many of you sometimes feel a little stuck. I get it – branding is important. It should be fun, authentic, meaningful, easy on the eye and kind of consistent, right? Even on a super tight budget it really doesn`t have to be hard! Here are my best tips: read more…

5 ways to gracefully carry your business through the summer

For many small businesses things really slow down over the summer. Even though people always need new websites (yay) I do feel the summer is a great time to do some ground work, take it a little bit easier and make space for new creativity. Here are my best tips to help you make the most of the season:  read more…

Behind the scenes: How I created the Online Awesomeness School

I totally love my work in many ways, but it can be hard to balance wanting to save the world with being creative and also wanting to make a living (duh). Having started my business on a shoestring I know what its like to be on a budget and to wonder wether you should DIY or hire someone for the millions of tasks we´re dealing with. There is so much that we can learn from free Youtube videos, but it takes time and a ton of commitment… So! One fine day I realised that I want to pack everything I`ve learned into an online school for people trying to figure out how to brand themselves and build a beautiful and functional website.  read more…

4 ways in which you can run your small business more ethically

Most entrepreneurs I know have started their businesses because they wanted to work on their own terms. Of course this can mean many things and we all care about different causes. I mainly want to breeze through my working days braless, I want to travel as I wish and spend time with my dog every day. I also don`t ever want to take shit from an unfair boss again and I really care about empowering other people to build their own platforms to tell their stories and create a softer, easier and happier life. The more I work on expanding my business and streamlining my processes, the more I realise how important it is to stay grounded in our willingness to serve. So practically, how can we do that? Here are my ideas: read more…

How I spontaneously launched a course in 24 hours

Launches are beautiful, nerve-wrecking, exciting times for entrepreneurs and they often bring up a lot of *stuff* around worthiness, time management, expectations, money, relationships… Truth be told I have delayed launching my own forthcoming web design and branding courses more than once for lack of courage and clarity.  read more…

How to use IFTTT to optimise your social media accounts for free

Hey sweethearts,

this week I wanted to share something sweet and simple that saves me tons of time on social media. As you might or might not know I love LOVE love my instagram account and have connected with some incredible people over there.  Twitter – cool, but not so much my thing. I don`t want to leave Twitter out, but I also don`t want to spend a ton of time on it as its just not as pretty, you see what I mean? read more…

The good, the bad and the magical: How my first year in business went down

Technically I have been a freelancer for almost a decade, but this very business, my baby and my joy, started about a year ago when I did b-school. Time flew by, let me tell you, and lots of things happened. Sometimes I feel dizzy from the amount of things that happen, I think its called growing pain. Here is a summary of how I made it happen, what I wish had been different and how it all worked out: read more…

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