Pricing my services and products has been a huge headache in my business, especially in the beginning. After a lot of soul searching and eating mainly beans on toast I realised how deeply these aspects of running a small business are related to class, access and entitlement. It felt wrong to charge more than my friends could afford but it also felt really shit to not be able to pay all my bills comfortably. I didn`t want to be one of *those* people and yet I had really big dreams.

What helped me the most was becoming part of an online community formed of people with similar values and goals as well as really untangling my upper limits and identifying limiting beliefs I was and sometimes still am holding around money. On a practical level it has really helped to create the online awesomeness school – that way I never had to turn someone away for lack of funds which is a really big deal to me.

Sharing content online through podcasts (I have my own now!), online courses, blog posts and social media is magical and its a way to make ideas and content accessible at much lower costs than ever before, which I think we should really celebrate. Many people, including myself sometimes, really struggle with the idea of passive income though – maybe because it feels lazy, maybe because we think we don`t deserve this or because we just feel too shy to put ourselves out there.

It was really helpful for me to work with Denise Duffield-Thomas – she is a money coach who works with female entrepreneurs and I really love her grounded, hilarious attitude. She taught me to look critically at old memories around money and to forgive and release these, to get real about what my goals really are and to manifest the hell out of them. The link on her name will lead you to her free manifesting course and since I am an affiliate, I would earn a commission if you end up signing up for her program. The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp runs live this year and I really would not recommend it had it not helped me so much. It was totally new to me that women could so openly, constructively, critically and shamelessly talk about money and this group has become one of my favorites on Facebook, in part because that kind of community is so helpful when you are working from home trying to figure things out as you go. It is a very diverse group and our goals vary greatly, but I feel that what is connecting us is a wish to be of service somehow and to build sustainable businesses that are fun to run.

Even if you know you don`t want to sign up for her program I would really encourage you to check her books and the tons of free content she is offering on her site out, especially if money is an aspect of your business that does not feel amazing right now. I think her two articles 37 lessons from becoming a self-made millionaire and The evolution of a million dollar course were most interesting to me.

If you have any questions about the program, totally feel free to message me!


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