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I am Sarah – a web designer, online marketing expert, writer and self-care queen.

I make beautiful websites for entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, healers, coaches and artist and help them to find their audience online, get clear about their visions and goals and take inspired action to build their businesses. For those wanting to do it themselves I have created the Online Awesomeness School – a place to learn all you need to know about web design and branding on a budget. I really believe that a great website can change your life, but it doesn`t have to cost a fortune. 

My blog is all about WordPress geekiness, creative business ideas and digital strategy advice, but sometimes I also blog about other things I care about – holistic health, self care, travel and the good life.

Take a look around and get in touch if you have any wishes!

Love always,


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How to write a fantastic nurture sequence

Building an engaged, solid newsletter list is one of the biggest goals for most of my clients, which makes total sense. The ins and outs are obviously a hot topic amongst entrepreneurs, especially around the frequency of emails being sent. I think just as important as consistency and the right software (I recently switched to Convertkit and love it, read more about that here) is a great nurture sequence, so let`s chat about that!  read more…

My journey from Mailchimp to Ontraport and finally to ConvertKit

I love social media, but I know that newsletters are at the heart of how I communicate with my audience. They are a way to stay in touch, send some love, update on new developments and share inspiration. I receive a very select number of newsletters myself and I truly love reading them and following the journey of the sender. When I design new websites for my clients, a super important question is how we`ll hook their email list in and what newsletter platform they will use. read more…

How to write a great about page

Many of us struggle with their about page…it feels odd to write about yourself, but we do want to make a great first impression and give people a chance to learn more. I think people who offer very personal services are most likely to feel pressure around this area of their website – I know that I care a lot about people`s about page and read it carefully before I commit to work with someone. My theme on here tells me that I edited my own about page 14 times this year. Ahem. Anyway, let`s all give it our best shot – I have written my best tips down for you:  read more…

How to prepare content for a new web design project

Hey loved ones,

this week I would love to chat about preparing content for a new site. It might be that you are planning a whole new web presence or just want to get a fresh look – either way, the right preparation is key to let your content shine. I hear from clients who struggle with making a start on this all the time, so I wanted to gather my best tips here. Enjoy! read more…

Building a successful blog that supports your small business

Most of my clients want to set up a blog when I am building a website for them, but many are finding it really hard to get into the habit of writing regularly and are struggling to build the momentum that would help them support their business magic. Here are my best tips for getting stuff done and creating content that connects you with your target audience. read more…

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