Do you feel a bit overwhelmed with all the different social media platforms, launch strategies, list building tips and tech challenges?

Need someone to help you decide what to prioritise, how to get started and how to grow your business without spending a ton of money?

Then we would love to work with you!

Here are some of the services we are offering: 

Launch support and project management

Software and strategy consultation
Scheduling + Long Term Planning
Ad strategy, affiliate outreach and engagement

General Social Media Strategy

Custom banners and shareable graphics
Strategy sessions and content planning
Keyword research & targeting

Content Strategy

Audience Research + Identification
Scheduling + Automations
Keyword Research & SEO Optimisation

Online course development

Content Strategy, Tech Integration & Launching
Teachable/Wishlist School Set Up
Tech Support

Newsletter list growth

Content + Growth Strategy
Opt In/Freebie Development
Tech Integration

Branding + Graphic Design

Canva Account Set Up
Custom Mood Boards
Graphic Design Packages



10 hours

749 USD / 579 GBP / 669 EUR


20 hours

1395 USD / 1095 GBP / 1249 EUR

My approach

I know putting yourself out there can be really scary – after all, your business is your baby. Having the right systems in place alongside a clear vision, an authentic strategy and supportive software can make the journey so much easier. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get there and would love to support you too!

It’s ok to break rules and you really don’t have to be on every single platform because let’s be real – you probably have better things to do.  I love helping people get clear on what they actually want to achieve, where they want to spend their energy and what they have to say.

The key to growing an engaged, excited audience without using fear-based marketing or manipulation is being authentic, having great priorities and making sharing from your heart as easy as possible.

I am offering packages for five, ten and twenty hours of my time which you can use over a period of three months. To give you an example of what we can achieve together in five hours here is a sample project outline: We can start with a strategy call in which go deeper into your social media strategy, your priorities and your target audience. Telling me more about your business and your plans will help you hone in on your message – as a next step we’ll then pick the best tools, platforms and strategies to achieve your goals. I will use another tree hours to create a set of mood boards for you to choose from before setting up your Canva account with your custom colours and fonts so you can independently create branded graphics. Finally, I can use your remaining hour to set automations like IFTTT up and help you finalise a winning opt in freebie.

– Of course this is just one way of doing it and you can hire me to support you in whatever way you need me to!


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