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I am Yarrow (though you might still know me as Sarah) – a web designer, tech fairy and online magic maker.

I create intentional, authentic websites for small businesses, creatives, healers, coaches and artists. My work centers sustainability and builds a solid foundation for my clients to grow their businesses, connect with their dream clients and get noticed. Affordable custom WordPress sites that are easy to manage and grow are at the core of what I offer, but I can also help you with your social media strategy, online course development and tech support.

If you would like to learn how to dream up your own branding, create a WordPress site for yourself and develop your first online course you should check my Online Awesomeness School out – here I am offering affordable DIY courses that you can study at your own pace. I really believe that a great website make a big difference, but it doesnt have to cost a fortune. 

On this blog you will also find useful how to guides, some background stories from my own business and free resources to help you develop a digital strategy that is honest, authentic, generous and true to your visions.

Take a look around and get in touch if you have any wishes!

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How to prepare content for a new web design project

Hey loved ones,

this week I would love to chat about preparing content for a new site. It might be that you are planning a whole new web presence or just want to get a fresh look – either way, the right preparation is key to let your content shine. I hear from clients who struggle with making a start on this all the time, so I wanted to gather my best tips here. Enjoy! read more…

Building a successful blog that supports your small business

Most of my clients want to set up a blog when I am building a website for them, but many are finding it really hard to get into the habit of writing regularly and are struggling to build the momentum that would help them support their business magic. Here are my best tips for getting stuff done and creating content that connects you with your target audience. read more…

How small service based businesses can get started with social media

Small, service based businesses are my jam – I love how radically they can change the ways in which we do business and how they enable their owners to create a location independent, beautiful and flexible lifestyle. Starting out is hard when you are trying to establish yourself as an expert in your field, to reach a new audience and to sign up the first few clients. I have grown my combined social media following to about 12k since starting out last year – so I wanted to share what has worked and what was “a challenge”.  read more…

How to make a (fresh) start with branding

Hey sweethearts,

many people ask me how to best get started with branding and I know many of you sometimes feel a little stuck. I get it – branding is important. It should be fun, authentic, meaningful, easy on the eye and kind of consistent, right? Even on a super tight budget it really doesn`t have to be hard! Here are my best tips: read more…

5 ways to gracefully carry your business through the summer

For many small businesses things really slow down over the summer. Even though people always need new websites (yay) I do feel the summer is a great time to do some ground work, take it a little bit easier and make space for new creativity. Here are my best tips to help you make the most of the season:  read more…

Behind the scenes: How I created the Online Awesomeness School

I totally love my work in many ways, but it can be hard to balance wanting to save the world with being creative and also wanting to make a living (duh). Having started my business on a shoestring I know what its like to be on a budget and to wonder wether you should DIY or hire someone for the millions of tasks we´re dealing with. There is so much that we can learn from free Youtube videos, but it takes time and a ton of commitment… So! One fine day I realised that I want to pack everything I`ve learned into an online school for people trying to figure out how to brand themselves and build a beautiful and functional website.  read more…

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